Concrete Services:

Concrete Cutting Adelaide

At Herbs Concrete we deliver a range of different concrete services to suit all of your concreting needs. Below our services are outlined in more detail.

Concrete Driveways Adelaide

Concrete Driveways in Adelaide are a popular choice, thanks to their durability. Unlike gravel and asphalt, concrete driveways have a much longer lifespan and can last between 20 to 30 years. Concrete also lends itself to many different design options like, exposed aggregate concrete and coloured concrete, which are more visually pleasing. By investing in a concrete driveway with our team of professionals, you will add great value to your property whilst enjoying a durable, beautiful looking driveway.

Concrete Cutting Adelaide:

Our team of professional concreters specialises in Concrete Cutting Adelaide. The most common reason we are hired to cut concrete, is so it can be easily removed from a property. We also perform concrete cutting to apply expansion joints in the concrete, to avoid it cracking when the weather changes and also to change the shape or size of a piece of concrete.
We use a range of different machinery to perform the Concrete Cutting Adelaide including, hand saws, floor saws, road saws, wet saws and chain saws, No matter what size your concrete is, our saws come in a variety of different sizes and with different blades, ensuring concrete can be cut efficiently anywhere.

Concrete Removal Adelaide:

If you have old, worn out concrete at your home that needs to be removed, call our team at Herbs Concrete. We are the experts in concrete removal in Adelaide and will get rid of your unwanted concrete in no time. Whether it’s a small concrete slab, an old driveway, a pathway or even an entire concrete pool, we can remove it for you. Depending on the size of the concrete you need removed, we use a variety of different machinery including, bobcats, concrete cutters and jackhammers.

Coloured Concrete

For bright, attractive concrete that matches your outdoor theme, coloured concrete is the choice for you. It is an extremely popular decorative concrete that can be used in a variety of settings including garden paths, driveways, outdoor entertaining areas and swimming pool surrounds. The coloured concrete we use contains a colour enhancer to ensure your concrete retains it colour long term.

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