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Herbs Concrete Adelaide is your specialist in concreting. Our professional team of concreters perform a wide range of different concreting services including, driveways, footpaths, exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, earthmoving and storm water services. With a strong commitment to design, it is our aim to transform your outdoor area, your driveway or wherever you choose to lay concrete, into a functional and visually pleasing space.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality workmanship at a competitive and affordable price. In order to achieve this, we only employ qualified professionals who boasts years of experience in the industry. Their depth of knowledge allows us to deliver outstanding results in a range of concreting services. Our team is committed to customer service and strives to provide a comprehensive service from start to finish. Every job we take on is treated as if we were working on our own property with care and attention to detail.

We provide free, no obligation quotes to our valued customers with no job being too big or too small. To find out more about our concrete services in Adelaide or to book a free quote, give our friendly team a call on 0423 251 587.

Our speciality is exposed aggregate concrete in Adelaide

The popularity of exposed aggregate concrete in Adelaide is growing, making it a very trendy, decorative finish. You will notice this type of concrete appearing in many display homes as it is very visually pleasing. Exposed aggregate concrete is suitable for a range of different areas including, outdoor areas, footpaths, pathways and driveways.

Unlike regular concrete that is smooth, the exposed aggregate concrete has a rough and gravelly finish, owing to the aggregate (stone/pebbles) being exposed. However, you can comfortably walk on it with bare feet as the aggregate is quite fine. The exposed aggregate concrete ranges in colour allowing you to choose from more natural and earthy tones to extreme and bold  colours.

If you too would like exposed aggregate in Adelaide, give us a call on 0423 251 587 to learn more.

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